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Read this AAA car insurance company review before you make a decision on who your next insurer will be. With so many different car insurance companies trying to earn your business, it’s hard to tell which one is the best fit for you. Most of us don’t have the time to spend researching every single one we come across, let alone do dozens of cost comparisons.

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Fortunately, web site reviews are a good starting point. To that end, this article aims to give you a fair and comprehensive AAA car insurance review.

AAA – The America Automobile Association

When you hear the term “AAA”, you’re probably likely to think about emergency roadside assistance more than anything else. That’s the main service most people join AAA for in the first place. But AAA is so much more than that.

AAA is an auto club that offers not only roadside assistance, but also trip planning services, maps, travel discounts, and yes, even AAA car insurance. Reviews of their insurance are in line with most of the other major companies, so they are definitely worth taking a look at if you are already a club member.

AAA Car Insurance at Various Clubs

The first thing to know about AAA is that the organization is made up of dozens of local clubs around the country. Each club, while under the AAA umbrella, enjoys a certain amount of independence in how it administers AAA service to its members. The fact is that some local clubs are better than others.

This comes into play with car insurance to the extent that some clubs operate their own agencies exclusively for members, while others use third-party agencies and underwriters to provide the insurance. With no uniform rules or a single provider, the quality of service differs from club to club. Before you agree to purchase AAA car insurance, review the details regarding who the actual underwriter and agent are.

What AAA Car Insurance Normally Provides

Just like a restaurant franchise, all participating AAA clubs are required to offer a certain level of service if they want to be part of the car insurance program. Listed among the AAA car insurance benefits on the corporate web site are:

  1. Experienced agents who claim to be able to review your needs and customize a policy that fits you better than an “off-the-shelf” policy from a competitor.
  2. Personal service and individual attention to your needs.
  3. Fast, efficient claims service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  4. Special rates for AAA members, including discounts as high as 15% if you’re willing to insure both your car and home together.
  5. An A+ (superior) rating by A.M. Best, the worldwide rating agency for the banking and insurance industries.

What Customers are Saying About AAA Auto Insurance

Running a quick Internet search of the tern “AAA car insurance review” will yield more than 400,000 results. That’s a lot of reading! But before you begin, please understand that customer reviews and professional reviews may very well paint two completely different pictures. That’s in part due to the tendency of customers to only offer a review when they are unhappy, whereas happy customers tend to not go to the trouble of offering a review.

That said, customer reviews of AAA car insurance definitely reveal some concerns. There are plenty of complaints about poor customer service, rude claims agents, slow response times, and lack of reimbursement after an accident claim. On the other hand, there are also reviews citing good or excellent service.

One web site puts it all in perspective by listing various car insurance companies along with an average customer rating between zero and five. Only one company scored higher than 3.0, while the average grade was about 2.0. The AAA car insurance review had them listed at 2.07. In other words, all things considered, AAA was slightly better than average when ranked by customer satisfaction.

One possible explanation for all the negative complaints could be the result of those clubs who contract their insurance to other providers. The agents of those other providers are not necessarily loyal to the AAA organization or its brand name, and therefore, do not feel the need to live up to AAA standards.

We hope this AAA car insurance review was helpful to you. Obviously, we are unable to give you every minute detail of AAA insurance, so we suggest you contact your local agent to find out more about their coverage and rates. For instant online car insurance quotes, just type your ZIP code into our FREE comparison tool below now!

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