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Important facts to know...

  • Car insurance policy protections can cover accident-related cycling injuries
  • Homeowners and rental insurance policies often offer damage reimbursement
  • Cyclists are often eligible for special fitness discounts

Cycling can be a good way to get around, stay healthy, and have fun. While cycling presents many benefits, it also has certain drawbacks that include the ever-present possibility of collisions with vehicles or other road-related hazards.

Luckily, there are insurance provisions designed especially for bicycle riders, even if some cyclists may not be aware of these protections.

This posting will take a closer look at some of these little-known insurance options, providing riding enthusiasts and comparison shoppers with solid information about how to get the most out of insurance policies for cyclists.

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Insurance Options Cyclists Should be Aware Of

While it is never fun to be involved in any kind of an accident, cyclists are especially vulnerable to injury or even death in any kind of physical interaction with a vehicle.

Because of this risk, it makes sense for riders to strive to acquire meaningful insurance coverage. The good news is, many insurance companies offer policies to cyclists that are based on their car insurance.

One common kind of car coverage that savvy cyclists try to maintain is uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Many states don’t require drivers to have this kind of coverage, but in the case of cyclists, it makes a lot of sense. Consider these options:

  • uninsured motorist
  • PIP
  • liability

Bicycle riders are at great risk of bodily injury in any collision. Since uninsured motorists don’t have any policies with which to pay for any injuries to the rider, cyclists who aren’t covered against underinsured motorists can be left with saddled with crippling medical bills.

Conversely, by ensuring that such coverage is in place, bicyclists can at least rest assured that their own company will step up to the plate and deliver payments if the worst happens.

Personal injury protection (PIP) is another variety of coverage that it makes sense for cyclists to take advantage of.

This insurance offering takes care of any medical payments that may arise from a collision between a cyclist and a vehicle.

Some policies provide for payments to replace any lost-wages. While many states make it mandatory to carry this type of coverage, others don’t. To assure coverage, comparison shoppers should always stay informed about which kinds of coverage are mandated in their state.

In many cyclist-related accidents, the insurance company of the vehicle driver will be required to make the PIP payments to the injured rider. Even though this is the case, it is sometimes possible to get a secondary PIP allotment from the insurance company of the rider.

This is often done if and when the primary PIP benefits run out. The specific amounts that are paid out will usually depend on the level of coverage that the cyclist opts for, as well as any relevant state auto insurance laws.

For this reason, as bicycle enthusiasts comparison shop for insurance they should take note of the various PIP provisions, and make sure that they are well covered in this regard.

Another item insurance comparison shoppers should look at are the coverage levels for bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance. These options provide coverage in the event that a cyclist causes damage to property or injury to an individual.

While rare, there have been instances of riders being saddled with hefty judgments for collisions.

Alternative Insurance Sources for Cyclists

Homeowners Policies

Cyclists who own houses likely have homeowners insurance policies. If this is the case, their policy will likely have some sort of provision for damages sustained to personal property. Riders should take note of scenarios that may offer coverage for accident-related damages.

Renters Policies

In a similar manner, renters insurance can sometimes provide protection for personal property. While some renters policies may not explicitly provide for bicycle coverage, floaters that do cover cycles may be added.

Floaters are side-policies created to cover items not listed under main policies.

Perks That Cyclists Often Qualify For

  • Simply being a regular cyclist can reap many insurance benefits. Insurance comparison shoppers will want to cash in on policies that take into account healthy living choices such as riding a certain distance per week.
  • Green insurance discounts may also apply to cyclists. These provisions reward individuals who take steps to limit or eliminate their transportation-related emissions.

Individuals who are comparison shopping for cyclists insurance certainly have much to consider.

That being said, readers who keep the information from this article in mind when choosing insurance will be taking concrete steps towards protecting their property and their health.

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