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Wedding Auto Insurance Online

Some couples decide to book a chauffeured limousine to drive them around town on their wedding day, but others prefer the convenience and luxury associated with driving in a rental car. You can easily choose between a sports car, a classic car, or a luxury car when renting a vehicle for your wedding day. However, […]

How to Get a New Insurance Card for Your Car

If you own a car, you also need to own an insurance policy. Being without insurance could leave you without a car if you’re caught. All of the states in the U.S. have some sort of mandatory insurance law in place that requires you to buy insurance or file proof of financial responsibility through the […]

Joint Car Insurance for Two Cars

There are many types of car insurance available that each provides you with different benefits. For example, liability car insurance will pay other people for their expenses up to the coverage limits if you cause an accident. Collision insurance will pay for your own expenses for vehicle repairs if you are involved in a car […]

How to Check When My Car Insurance Runs Out

As an experienced driver, you may be well aware that most states require drivers to maintain a minimum amount of auto insurance, and you can face legal penalties if you are not properly insured. You may also be aware that you need to provide proof of active coverage if you are in an accident or […]

How to Get Help Paying for Car Insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement in all US states, except new Hampshire — drivers are however required to provide proof showing that they can foot the bill if they cause an accident. With the constantly rising cost of living in the United States, it’s practically impossible to stretch your budget to cover something like […]

How to Determine How Much Car Insurance You Need

Being uninsured could put you at risk financially. As much as you’d like to keep your premiums low, sacrificing the coverage that you’re carrying isn’t the wisest way to save money. Since auto insurance is such an important financial products, it’s crucial that you select the right coverage options and the right coverage limits of […]

How to Become a Car Insurance Agent

Car insurance agents do more than just sell an insurance product; agents sell peace of mind and financial protection. When a consumer visits an insurance agency and sits down with a sales agent to discuss their agents, they trust that the professional they are sitting with is going to recommend the right coverage. Since a […]

How to Apply for Auto Insurance Online

Applying for auto insurance coverage is a process. You can’t pick up the phone and buy a basic auto insurance in just a minute or two no matter how prepared you are. Before you even submit your application, you have to do the following: get quotes compare pricing options choose coverage limits After all that […]

Insurance for Shipping a Car Overseas

It’s hard enough to ship a vehicle domestically, but when you’re shipping a car overseas you have a whole host of different challenges that you’ll face. If you’re in the military, you work for the government, or you’re moving overseas, you’ll have the option to take your personal vehicle with you for personal travel in […]

Car Insurance for High-Performance Vehicles

Insurance companies define high-performance vehicles as any vehicle that is considered a faster than normal vehicles such as sports cars that have been “souped up” to include things such as turbo engines or other enhancements. This title may also belong to any types of trucks or cars that perform at a higher-than-average level and that […]

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save