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Important facts to know...

  • Installing LoJack tracking can lower the amount you pay for comprehensive auto insurance
  • Not every insurance company offers a LoJack discount, so you should comparison shop to find one that does
  • Adding additional anti-theft systems to a vehicle may lower your insurance premiums

Car insurance is vitally important when a loss is suffered on a vehicle. Establishing the right level of liability insurance on a policy is a high priority for most drivers. No one wants to suffer significant financial losses due to causing an accident.

The chances of getting into an accident decrease with more careful driving, but other hazards abound.

Losses related to theft are among the most confounding. No matter how careful a car owner is, a vehicle could still end up stolen.

Subscribing to LoJack helps address problems related to car theft. Another benefit may derive from integrating LoJack systems in a vehicle. An auto insurance company reserves the option to lower insurance rates once LoJack is installed.

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What is LoJack?

LoJack is not an anti-theft system. The company, a publicly traded one, does not install alarm systems. Rather, LoJack places an “aftermarket vehicle tracking system” inside vehicles.

The purpose is to assist the police with locating and recovering the following:

  • a stolen car
  • a stolen truck
  • a stolen motorcycle
  • any other stolen vehicle

LoJack serves both personal and commercial vehicle owners.

Most importantly, LoJack boasts of a high recovery rate, which makes life easier for the owner.

Recovered Vehicle Benefits

If the stolen vehicle is quickly recovered by the police, there won’t be a necessity to file a stolen vehicle claim with an insurance company. While being reimbursed from an insurance company is helpful, recovering the car is probably the best outcome.

Settlements do take time. Without the settlement money, the car owner might not be able to pay off a previous loan balance in order to move forward with buying a new car. None of that happens overnight.

Recovering the vehicle is the better end result since this eliminates a host of hassles and unwanted tasks.

Additionally, not filing an insurance claim for theft means no marks are going to be present on a CLUE report. Each time an insurance claim is filed, a log of the claim is connected to the policyholder and this is used to set rates.

Filing a claim to recover losses associated with a stolen car invariably means insurance rates go up. If the car is recovered quickly and no theft claim needs to be settled, then there is no loss on the policy.

Vandalism and Recovery

LoJack helps the police recover the vehicle. Sadly, there is no guarantee the vehicle returns in pristine condition. Thieves are not exactly going to be very careful when driving the car. Damage might be inflicted if the thieves removed parts for the purpose of reselling.

With comprehensive insurance in place, vandalism would likely be covered. The damage incurred due to the thieves’ actions could be recovered under a claim.

Not all drivers carry comprehensive insurance and the failure to do so brings forth risks. Drivers who want to protect their car from theft and other losses should explore the best deals on comprehensive auto insurance. Reliable online comparison shopping may deliver those deals.

The LoJack/Insurance Connection

Since the installation of LoJack could lead to getting a discount on an insurance policy, LoJack proudly notes comprehensive insurance discounts are possibly eligible right on its website.

LoJack does point out that submitting the “Proof of Installation Form” may be required, but this is not exactly a complicated step to take.

Not every insurance company offers a LoJack discount, though. Do not automatically assume that the installation of LoJack creates a blanket discount across the entire insurance industry.

With discounted insurance, LoJack ends up somewhat paying for itself. Reducing an insurance premium by, say, nine percent means more money ends up in a checking account used to pay for LoJack services.

Going beyond LoJack could help with cutting premium costs even further.

Installing Anti-Theft Systems

There are quite a number of different discounts auto insurance companies make available to customers. Anti-theft devices often tie into those available discounts.

New cars usually come with a car alarm system, which could aid in deterring criminals. Those whose car does not include an alarm should think of purchasing one.

A great variety of alarm systems is available meaning a host of different budgets can be accommodated. As soon as an affordable and reliable alarm system is installed, contact the insurance provider and let the representative know what has taken place.

A discount might be forthcoming.

Take the opportunity to ask about other available discounts. A frugal customer never overlooks the chance to save money on a policy.

Discovering a lack of available discounts could motivate a customer to perform some online comparison shopping for a better deal.

Even the best steps for keeping a car safe from theft does not always work. Keep this in mind when looking for insurance as a solid policy may be the one thing that protects against the losses a car thief inflicts.

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