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Does auto insurance cover hydrolock?

Sometimes, driving in wet conditions can lead to more than you expect. Sometimes, wet driving can cause a hydrolocked engine. Hydrolock, short for hydrostatic lock, could render an engine non-functional. When this occurs, filing a car insurance claim can be critical to repairing the engine and getting back on the road. However, there are major […]

Does having sleep apnea affect your car insurance?

If you have sleep apnea, you know that it can impact every aspect of your life. Loss of sleep and sleep deprivation can have significant effects on your job performance, daily life, and health. Attempting to solve the sleep problems may itself occupy your time and energy. One unexpected area where sleep apnea can have […]

Is co-operative car insurance good?

tc Putting the right car insurance in place is a goal careful and responsible drivers seek. Quality insurance supports financially protecting a driver and also covers losses experienced by pedestrians, passengers, and other drivers. Everyone wants to save money on car insurance, which is understandable. Great rates and deals on traditional auto insurance mean valuable […]

Does auto insurance cover a clutch replacement?

Vehicles with manual transmission are still quite popular among many car consumers. As long as the driver knows how to operate the stick shift and the clutch, operating a vehicle made with a manual transmission shouldn’t be a problem. Certain manual transmission models come with less cost than automatic versions, which is another positive. As […]

Is car insurance valid if my registration expires?

You don’t really think about your vehicle registration on a day-to-day basis. It’s one of those things that is out of sight and out of mind once you pay the following: registration licensing titling fees Since you’re only billed once a year, it’s easy to overlook when you’re registration is actually due. As easy as […]

Does the age of a car affect insurance?

When you’re shopping for a car, it’s important to look at the age of the car. New cars might be more expensive to insure, but some drivers may find they qualify for specific discounts. Old cars might save you money on insurance but cost you more in other areas. It’s important to remember that car […]

Does my car insurance cover water leaks?

Cars suffer damage in all manner of unexpected and annoying ways. The annoyance comes not only from the inconvenience of being forced to take a car in for repairs but also for the costs associated with the losses. Getting hit by a driver who doesn’t stop at a stop sign absolutely aggravates drivers suffering serious […]

Does my car insurance cover sinkholes?

Once seen, the images of catastrophes involving sinkholes are impossible to erase from the mind. Video footage capturing sinkhole disasters do make the news and anyone viewing the footage likely feels a sense of shock. The imagery appears like a horror movie come to life. The scariest aspect of sinkholes derives from the holes’ ability […]

Does my car insurance cover interior damage?

When you think about using your auto insurance, you often picture your car mangled and in need of cosmetic and mechanical repair. Once you see crushed body panels and a totaled bumper, it’s hard to look past the car’s exterior to focus on what’s damaged inside the car. If the accident was bad enough, there’s […]

Does my car insurance cover falling asleep at the wheel?

Falling asleep at the wheel has the potential to cause a significant amount of damage as well as injuries. Many people across the United States have fallen asleep while driving and insurance will cover some of the claims. It’s important to look at the various scenarios that could occur when falling asleep at the wheel […]

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save