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Does my car insurance cover bumper damage?

If you collide with another car or some other object, one of the first things that is going to make contact is your bumper. A dented bumper is one of the most common damages sustained to private passengers vehicles when they are in even the lowest speed accidents. The entire purpose of the bumper is […]

Does auto insurance cover lightning strikes?

Lightning striking your car can be terrifying, especially if you are inside. It’s important to know what you should do when lightning is in the area and what happens if it strikes your car. Car insurance will most likely cover the damages as long as you have sufficient coverage on your policy. Compare car insurance […]

Do auto insurance companies do background checks?

Auto insurance companies put their own money on the line when they offer to insure you, which is why your background is up for grabs as far as they are concerned. You know some car insurance companies check your credit report to determine your risk as a customer. You also know they check your driving […]

Is auto insurance a utility bill?

Any invoice sent through the mail with a request for payment is commonly called a bill. Calling a financial obligation “a bill” is acceptable vernacular in general terms. When required to use specific terms, stating the proper terminology is necessary. A mistake to be avoided entails referring to a car insurance policy’s “premium payment due […]

Is arson covered by car insurance?

If your car is damaged due to arson, you often lack time to prepare adequately as the loss is occurring; this means protecting your property ahead of time is essential. Carrying the proper coverage before your loss can help you recover quickly and easily when arson occurs; comprehensive coverage normally needs to be purchased for […]

Does auto insurance cover a broken side mirror?

What is worse than walking up to the driver’s side of a car and noticing the side-view mirror is smashed? Regardless of when the damaged mirror is noticed, steps should be taken to get the mirror fixed right away. Repairing a broken side mirror in the proper manner can be costly. Making those repairs is […]

Does my car insurance cover shopping cart damage?

Rogue shopping carts could hit your car at any time. There is no way to prevent such a thing from happening, regardless of where you park. Insurance might pay for the damage, but it depends on the types of coverage you carry on your car insurance policy. If you want to safeguard your car against […]

Does my car insurance cover earthquake damage?

Earthquakes are an unsettling occurrence in more than one way, and it can be difficult to plan adequately or protect your property when an earthquake is imminent. Although these losses can occur when you least expect, you can recover from your losses after the fact through car insurance. If you have faced damage from an […]

Do car insurance companies check police records?

Insurance agents run a few different reports when they are taking applications for auto insurance. At a minimum, the company will need to review your motor vehicle report, your claims history report, and your license history before any underwriter can adequately assess risk and issue a policy at a fair rate. Another record that could […]

Does my car insurance cover accidental damage?

Accidents happen. No one is perfect. Learn from your mistakes. These are all sayings that you’ll hear throughout your life from your parents, your teachers, and your coaches. Unfortunately, breaking your favorite toy in childhood is not nearly the same thing as wrecking your favorite car as an adult. If you damage your car in […]

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