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Read this Progressive auto insurance review to decide which company you should choose. The competition among national car insurance companies is fierce, to say the least, and most of us get a first-hand look at that competition every time we turn on the television.

If it’s not a reptile pitching one insurance company, it might be the lady who loves the color white, the polite, middle-aged man who references his company’s stand, or the Yuppie guy who constantly interrupts agents when they try to speak. This Progressive car Insurance review is designed to cut through the noise and give you real information.

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Details about this car insurer, what they offer, and independent industry ratings follow. Use this information, along with specific quotes from several providers, to choose one that meets your needs.

Progressive Lives Up to its Name

Progressive has been in the auto insurance business since 1937. Since that time the company has been the first to offer many of the innovative services common in the industry today. They were the first to offer such things as:

  • The installment payment option
  • Drive-in claims offices
  • Reduced rates for drivers who are considered high risk
  • The new Name Your Price option

Progressive car insurance is best known for their fleet of white immediate response vehicles and their perky mascot Flo. However, ad campaigns do not an insurance company make. If you want to know the facts about Progressive car insurance, review the fine print contained in the quotes they provide.

Some of the Benefits Progressive Car Insurance Provides

Every car insurance company looks for ways to set themselves apart form the rest. There are things they all must offer to stay in line with state regulations, but there are other things that can vary from one company to the next. Among the list of Progressive benefits are:

  1. Pet injury coverage for your animals while they ride in the car with you
  2. The MyRate program which takes into account driver performance history
  3. Their Total Loss Concierge service to assist total loss customers in finding and acquiring a new vehicle
  4. Coverage designed specifically for owners of the Segway personal transportation vehicle
  5. Online shopping and policy management
  6. Other insurance products for motorcycles, ATVs, and boats
  7. Flo! (in case you were wondering – the actress who plays “Flo” for Progressive’s commercials is Stephanie Courtney)

As with any car insurance company, Progressive’s rates are determined by a variety of factors including driver history, risk pool, the type of car covered, and state minimum requirements. A thorough cost comparison between several companies is a good idea before making a choice to purchase Progressive car insurance.

Progressive Car Insurance Ratings

A Progressive car insurance review, like all others, can be one of two kinds. It can be a professional review by an organization that specializes in the financial industry, or it can be a customer review by those who have used the company. From the professional standpoint, Progressive enjoys high marks from A.M. Best (A+), FitchRatings (AA), and Standard & Poor’s (AA).

Customer reviews of Progressive also tend to be more favorable than average. Even so, keep in mind that such reviews are normally written by those who express at least some dissatisfaction with the company. Customers who have no complaints are less likely to make the effort to write a review.

There are many car insurance review sites that allow customers to write details and give a grade. A scale of zero to five, or one to five, is the normal range. An average Progressive car insurance review rates the company at 3.5 or better.

One site however, rates Progressive at 1.85. The only explanation this review can offer is the fact that the site in question tends to present a low rating for all but two companies, suggesting that its numbers many not be completely reliable.

With more than 10 million policy holders, Progressive is obviously doing something right. Customers seem to really appreciate the fact that they constantly innovate and offer new ways to provide the best products. It can be argued that, if nothing else, Progressive certainly leads the way in new industry innovations.

Progressive also strives to be the most friendly and accessible of all car insurance customers. This is another reason they are so popular. Car owners may be willing to pay a slightly higher premium in exchange for friendly, efficient, and reliable customer service; especially when it comes time for a claim.

To be fair, not every Progressive car insurance review is one of glowing appreciation. There are complaints among unhappy customers of low estimates on claims, unexpected rate increases, less than professional telephone agents, and bait-and-switch sales tactics. Consumers should always be aware and use good discretion when searching for an auto insurance provider.

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