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How to Get Discounts on My Car Insurance

Saving money on car insurance involves following a few simple strategies. The most obvious thing to do entails avoiding accidents. By not being liable for any damages to a personal vehicle or someone else’s or causing harm to person or property, an insurance history remains clean. Buying the right insurance policy reflects a second very […]

Joint Car Insurance for Two Cars

There are many types of car insurance available that each provides you with different benefits. For example, liability car insurance will pay other people for their expenses up to the coverage limits if you cause an accident. Collision insurance will pay for your own expenses for vehicle repairs if you are involved in a car […]

Does LoJack lower insurance rates?

Car insurance is vitally important when a loss is suffered on a vehicle. Establishing the right level of liability insurance on a policy is a high priority for most drivers. No one wants to suffer significant financial losses due to causing an accident. The chances of getting into an accident decrease with more careful driving, […]

Do school grades affect car insurance?

There are a variety of factors that are going to come into play when you go to purchase an auto insurance policy. As a student, you introduce a whole new set of variables for the insurance carrier to measure you on. Think about what the insurance carrier is tasked to do when they are pricing […]

Are car insurance rates negotiable?

When you’re buying a car, your intentions are never to walk on the car lot and offer the salesman full price for the first car that you test drive. As the savvy car buyer that you are, you’re aware that the sticker price on the window of the car is inflated. Cars are priced so […]

How does a no claims bonus work?

Insurance policy holders do like to stick with those providers that have served them well. Similarly, insurance companies do wish to hold onto customers that have consistently paid on time and have not filed excessive claims. Policyholders who never filed any claims are absolutely preferred by insurance companies since these customers reflect almost pure profit. […]

Cheap Auto Insurance for Veterans

Serving your country is an honorable and noble thing to do. You’re putting your life on the line every time that you report to duty to fight for the freedom of all civilians. While there’s no way to adequately thank veterans for their sacrifices, many insurance companies attempt to express gratitude by offering all veterans […]

Car Insurance for College Grads

Whether or not you have a tuition bill to pay after graduating from college, any recent college graduate is likely looking for ways to minimize their expenses as they get a start on life. While car insurance coverage is a necessary expense and part of owning and driving a car, you won’t necessarily be stuck […]

Safe Driver Car Insurance

When you apply for a driver’s license, you are required to pass a written and a practical exam. You won’t be issued a licensed to drive a heavy piece of machinery until you can show that you know all of the traffic laws and you know how to operate a motor vehicle safely. Once you […]

Auto Insurance for Out of State College Students

Some parents look forward to their children going off to college. Others dread the day where they’ll have to help their teen pack up so that they can pursue their studies in another state far away from home. No matter how important college is, it is hard for some parents to cope with the fact […]

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save