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Does having sleep apnea affect your car insurance?

If you have sleep apnea, you know that it can impact every aspect of your life. Loss of sleep and sleep deprivation can have significant effects on your job performance, daily life, and health. Attempting to solve the sleep problems may itself occupy your time and energy. One unexpected area where sleep apnea can have […]

Do auto insurance companies do background checks?

Auto insurance companies put their own money on the line when they offer to insure you, which is why your background is up for grabs as far as they are concerned. You know some car insurance companies check your credit report to determine your risk as a customer. You also know they check your driving […]

Do car insurance companies check police records?

Insurance agents run a few different reports when they are taking applications for auto insurance. At a minimum, the company will need to review your motor vehicle report, your claims history report, and your license history before any underwriter can adequately assess risk and issue a policy at a fair rate. Another record that could […]

Is auto insurance per car or driver?

Auto insurance got its name because it provides coverage for private passengers automobiles. Amazingly enough, a majority of policies cover the driver who owns the vehicle more than the car itself because auto insurance requirements for standard coverage don’t say that you must carry coverage that pays for damage to the vehicle being insured. Some […]

How often do auto insurance companies check driving records?

Your driving record speaks volumes about how responsible you are behind the wheel. When you request an abstract to provide information to an insurance company for pricing estimates, what shows up is a lot like what would show up on a high school transcript. If your report is clear, it’s just like getting straight A’s […]

How can I check my auto insurance claims history?

An insurance history is almost forever. Filing a claim on an auto insurance policy creates a record known as a claims history. As long as the statutory time period has not expired, vital statistics are going to be presented in the report. The existence of a claims history is a huge benefit since the alternative […]

Car Insurance When You Have Penalty Points

In all fifty states, driving is considered a privilege rather than a right. States may use penalty points to track drivers they consider unsafe, and getting too many points on a license can lead to serious problems. As you learn more about the relationship between points and your insurance, you’ll see how getting points can […]

Can car insurance companies see my driving record?

When you make mistakes behind the wheel and officers are around, you can get pulled over and cited for the violation. Some mistakes are a bit more serious than others. If you’re caught slightly speeding or rolling through a stop sign, you’ll pay a fine for the minor violation you were cited for. If you’re […]

What do I need to get insurance on a car?

In applying for a car insurance policy, you will need to provide some basic information to the insurer to get started. As long as you have your driver’s license, banking information, social security information and vehicle information, you likely have everything that you need in order to apply for a car insurance policy. If you […]

How far back do auto insurance companies look?

If you have a blemished driving record, you may be worried about how it will affect your auto insurance premiums and how long it will stay on your record. While you can’t go back and change your past driving infractions, you can help keep your premiums low by using an auto insurance price comparison tool. […]

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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