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Does my car insurance cover earthquake damage?

Earthquakes are an unsettling occurrence in more than one way, and it can be difficult to plan adequately or protect your property when an earthquake is imminent. Although these losses can occur when you least expect, you can recover from your losses after the fact through car insurance. If you have faced damage from an […]

Can my auto insurance company deny my claim?

If you’ve just recently filed a claim for damages to your car with your car insurance company, you may be wondering if they have the right to deny your claim. Under certain conditions, auto insurance providers can deny auto insurance claims. However, they must provide you with a letter stating the reason for the denial […]

Can you claim on your car insurance for a dent?

Auto insurance will provide coverage for a dent in your car as long as you have the right types of coverage on your policy. If another driver hit you in an accident and left a dent in your vehicle, then you would be able to recover directly against his or her auto insurance in a […]

Can a car insurance company refuse to pay a claim?

Filing a claim with your insurance provider often seems like a simple process. However, if you are informed your claim is not being paid, you may begin to question the reason for their decision. While it may not seem reasonable, there are several completely valid reasons why your insurance company may refuse to pay your […]

What do auto insurance adjusters look for?

Filing an auto insurance claim isn’t on your list of things that you’d like to do in your lifetime. In fact, pretty much anyone who owns a car would prefer that they could avoid filing a car insurance claims at all costs simply because of how stressful it can be to pick up the pieces […]

Does hitting a parked car affect insurance?

It goes without saying that if you hit a parked car, you need to alert that car’s owner about the damage. If the car’s owner files a claim against your insurance policy, then you will have a claim on your insurance, which could eventually affect your premium. For your premium, the number of claims that you […]

How long does an auto insurance claim stay on your record?

Auto insurance is one of those unique products that you buy and you don’t ever want to use. Since the financial contract is only designed to really benefit you after you experience an accident or another type of catastrophic event, it’s a product that you file away and hope not to use for the entire […]

Does a car insurance claim expire?

It is important to always keep a copy of your auto insurance policy in your records because it is the final word on the requirements for filing a claim and having it resolved by your auto insurance company. You will likely have to put your auto insurance company on notice of a claim under your […]

Are auto insurance settlements taxable?

If you receive a payout from an insurance company as a result of being injured in an auto accident, you will likely not have to pay taxes on the settlement amount. Typically, the settlement will cover damages to your vehicle or for medical expenses related to personal injuries you sustain. If you have any doubt […]

How do car insurance companies pay out a claim?

When shopping for insurance, one of the most important things that you should know is often overlooked. How does your insurance company pay out a claim? Not only do you need to understand the process of claims, but you should also be aware of how efficiently the company you are considering pays their claims. The […]

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