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Does lowering your car affect insurance?

Have you ever been tempted to tune up your car engine? Have you thought about adding some extra headlights? How about kitting out your vehicle with a new set of alloy wheels? Modifying your vehicle is an excellent way to personalize it, or even boost its performance. The downside is that modifying your car can […]

How to Move My Car Without Insurance

An auto insurance premium can be expensive, and you understandably do not want to pay for this expense if it is not necessary. If you store your vehicle in your garage or in another safe place and do not drive it, it may not currently be insured. However, if you have plans to relocate it […]

Time Limit to Report Car Insurance Claims

Most drivers are aware that they must purchase a minimum amount of car insurance and that their state establishes minimum levels of car insurance. However, if you have never delayed filing a claim against your policy, you may not know that claims should be filed within a specific number of years after the event occurs. […]

Get Car Insurance Quotes Online Without Personal Information

How many times have you thought about switching car insurance carriers, only to back away because you thought a lot of work was involved? You may even get to the point where you hop online and start to search for quotes. You then find carriers that are asking for way too much information, much more […]

My Auto Insurance Is Too High

The cost of auto insurance premiums can differ by several hundreds of dollars, depending on the type of car you drive, how you insured it, and who insured it. That’s why you could be mesmerized by how high your premiums are yet your neighbor next door pays hundreds of dollars less. It’s important to note […]

Does window tinting affect auto insurance?

You might make a variety of upgrades to your car or truck. These upgrades can include window tinting as a way to reduce glare and cut down on the amount of sun that enters the vehicle. When you have window tinting, you need to know how it affects auto insurance premiums and whether your state […]

50 Dollar a Month Car Insurance

Insurance can be expensive, and the average cost is well over $50 per month. The good news is that you don’t have to just pay out the money every month and hope that the carrier decides to lower your rates. Compare car insurance quotes today to be sure you’re paying the lowest price for the […]

Do I need to have insurance to sell my car?

There’s no doubt that deciding to sell your car in the private market will earn you more money than trading it in, but listing a car ‘for sale by owner’ requires a commitment of your time. If you’re willing to post the signs, create the online classified ads, gather all of your maintenance records, make […]

How do I get car insurance quotes?

If you’re buying a new car or you’re tired of paying too much for your existing auto insurance coverage, it’s time to consider soliciting carriers in the industry for insurance quotes. Years ago, the only way for someone who owned a car to get a quote was to pack up and drive to an office […]

Does your car insurance cover other drivers?

The question of whether another person would be covered on your insurance policy is subjective and dependent on your insurance policy and the individual driving your car. Typically, other family members that reside in your household are covered, but a non-relative or a relative living outside of your home may not be covered. In order […]

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save