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Important facts to know...

  • Federal government employees are eligible for certain discounts that are available with your car insurance plan
  • Military personnel and other government employees qualify for special deals through some companies
  • Shop and compare to see how you can lower your insurance costs through employee discounts or other means

If you’re a federal government employee, you’re likely to get discounts on certain items. But what about car insurance? Car insurance companies check your employment status and can give discounts based on your occupation. If you are a federal government employee, you may want to explore some of the different car insurance companies that cater to government employees.

There is an interesting history attached to this, and some insurance companies have made it their goal to provide affordable, high-quality car insurance for federal government employees.

Look for these federal government employee discounts while you are shopping for car insurance. Compare rates side-by-side by using our free rate tool above.

Car Insurance and Federal Government Employees: How It Can Change Your Rates

What type of car insurance company should I look for? Which insurance company sells to federal employees? Geico, State Farm, and other insurers tend to cater to federal government employees while others do not focus on any particular group. Even these two companies state that they offer car insurance to any occupational group now, not just federal employees.

However, if you find a company that does offer federal employee discounts, it might be a good one to look into. In general, the approach to take is to look for specific discounts related to your occupation rather than trying to find any one-size-fits-all insurance company that focuses on federal employees.

Why do insurers ask about your occupation?

There are many reasons your occupation affects your car insurance rates. Some reasons are the amount you drive, the risk of your occupation, and the stress involved in your job.

Certain occupations mean you’re more likely to be in an accident due to the nature of the job, like law enforcement. Other occupations are low-risk, such as accountants.

Telling Your Insurer When You Change Jobs

It is important to tell your insurer when you change jobs because your discounts may change. For example, if you go from a federal employee to working in the private sector, you may lose or gain a discount. Also, your perceived level of risk may be different.

How does your job affect your car insurance?

Even within the federal government, your car insurance rates will be different based on the job you hold. This table will give you information on Geico’s average annual car insurance rates based on your occupation within the government.

Geico Average Rates by Federal Government Occupation
Federal OccupationGeico Monthly RatesGeico Six-Month RatesGeico Annual Rates
Military Officer (Air Force O1)$139.47$836.80$1,673.60
Retired Miltary (Air Force O6)$139.47$836.80$1,673.60
Military E5$145.85$875.10$1,750.20
Government GS1-GS5$151.00$906.00$1,812.00
Government GS6 or higher$151.00$906.00$1,812.00
Military E1 - E4$152.57$915.40$1,830.80
Police Officer$157.98$947.90$1,895.80
Security/Prison Worker$165.33$992.00$1,984.00
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These numbers will give you a comparison as you shop for your car insurance. You can see that the rates do change based on the job you hold.

Car Insurance Rates for Federal Government Employees

Some companies offer special rates for federal government employees. Let’s look at two of them now.

Does Geico offer discounts for government employees?

Geico was started by Leo Goodwin in 1936 to serve federal government employees. Goodwin targeted federal government employees because he felt that they posed a particular risk for accidents.

The company was located in the middle of Washington, D.C., where it remains today. Since the early days, Geico has now broadened its reach to include many other types of professions including:

  • teachers
  • doctors
  • salespeople
  • self-employed business owners

In other words, Geico now serves many other people in different industries but still offers good discounts for federal employees. To learn more about Geico, read our Geico car insurance review.

Does State Farm offer federal employee discounts?

State Farm Insurance also has a preference for federal employees, and they offer discounts for federal government employees as well as others who work in the public sector or serve their communities and states in a civil or political capacity. To learn more about State Farm, read our State Farm car insurance review.

Does your annual mileage affect your rates as a federal government employee?

Another type of discount that is not often thought about when people are shopping for insurance plans is the low-mileage discount. A low-mileage discount is granted for anyone living within a relatively short distance from work or who drives less than a total of 7,500-15,000 miles per year.

This sounds like a lot of miles, but that’s good news. It means you can drive up to around 15,000 miles per year and still qualify for this discount. This data breaks down how much having a longer commute can actually cost you.

Average Annual Car Insuranse Rates Based on Commute and Mileage
CompaniesRates for
10 Miles Commute,
6,000 Annual Mileage
Rates for
25 Miles Commute
12,000 Annual Mileage
State Farm$3,175.98$3,344.01
American Family$3,401.30$3,484.88
Liberty Mutual$5,995.27$6,151.63
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The difference ranges from $10 – $168, depending on the company. If you drive for your job or drive a long way to your job, you definitely need to find a company that does not hold that against you.

Which companies offer discounts for federal government employees?

Car insurance and federal government employee discounts can run hand in hand. Many companies will offer discounts on car insurance to federal government employees and people who are members of certain groups. This table will show you which companies offer these discounts.

Auto Insurance Discounts Available to Federal Government Employees
CompaniesEmergency Deployment DiscountFederal Employee DiscountMembership/Group DiscountMilitary DiscountMilitary Garaging Discount
Liberty Mutualxxx
Safe Autox
State Farmx
The Generalx
The Hanoverx
The Hartfordx
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Some companies like Geico, Liberty Mutual, and MetLife, offer multiple discounts for federal employees and members of the military.

Watch this video to find out how membership and occupation discounts work.

There are many different companies that offer these types of discounts. Make sure to ask what discounts are available to you.

Discount Eligibility

One thing you should look for when shopping for car insurance is your eligibility for various types of discounts. Geico, State Farm, Progressive, and AAA all offer auto insurance federal employee discounts. Many of these companies also offer car insurance discounts for state employees.

Even if you cannot locate a company that focuses primarily on government employees, you may find companies that offer discounts to such employees, as well as other types of discounts.

There are some different types of discounts available for you to choose from. You may not be eligible for all of them, but chances are you will be eligible for at least one of them. A few of them are:

  • Multi-car
  • Multi-policy
  • Car safety features
  • Driver’s education

Some occupations are more prone to accidents than others, whether the person is on or off-duty. Many government employees have a higher risk for accidents even when they are off the job, while others have a lower risk.

If you are in a profession such as nursing, teaching, or you own your own business, you will likely be eligible for some occupational discount. Many of these jobs may also fall under the “federal government employee” standard which may make you eligible for other discounts, as well.

Military Discounts

Another type of discount that is available is a military discount. Military discounts are only for the military (both retired and current active duty), but it is a form of government discount.

Education Discounts

One type of discount you may be eligible for whether you are a federal employee or not is an education discount. This is usually referred to as a “good student discount.”

If you maintain at least a “B” average and attend a college, trade school, or university, you will be eligible for this discount in most cases. Ask your insurance company representative to tell you if you are eligible for this discount.

Credit Rating Discount

Did you know that some insurance companies reward you for a good credit rating? It’s true. Insurance companies consider people with bad credit risk. They see these people as a risk not only because they do not always pay their bills on time, but they are also the most likely to drop off of their insurance plan, bringing a higher level of risk for having accidents while uncovered.

Insurers always want to keep you on your policy because they know that one risk factor for insurance coverage forfeiture is a low credit rating.

It also has to do with your general trustworthiness, and insurance companies need to be able to depend on your monthly or annual payment to them to keep their financial situation stable.

This video gives you some tips for raising your credit score. This will help you get better rates on car insurance and loans.

According to Experian, a good credit score is considered to be between 670-850. Anything below that is fair, and a bad credit rating falls between 300-649.

Education for Federal Government Employees

Education requirements for federal government employees will vary based on the job. Some jobs will require more education than others.

How College Education Can Affect Rates

It might surprise you to learn that having a higher education equals lower car insurance rates. Some car insurance companies believe that having a higher education lowers your risk of being in an accident.

Not all companies will charge you less for having a college education, but it can be used to calculate your rates in most states. In addition to getting lower rates initially, some companies also offer discounts for college degrees or memberships with alumni associations.

Are you happy with your coverage?

Regardless of what type of employment you have, the big question is whether you are happy with your coverage. It helps to analyze your insurance policy and to read the fine print before deciding whether your current coverage is enough for your situation.

Do you frequently drive for work or other related business? You could first check to see if your place of employment offers insurance for the times you are driving company vehicles or escorting fellow employees back and forth to various locations, you may be eligible for company insurance during this period.

If so, you do not need duplicate coverage so check your policy to see if you can count the miles off your policy that you are covered for under your private insurance. These factors are all important, and it takes a little research to figure out what you should do to get the best deals.

Shop & Compare to Save

The best thing you can do to save money on your car insurance is to shop around and compare. Do your homework and study the benefits of each company’s car insurance plans to see which one is best for you.

Talk to a representative, get a quote, and then think about the risk that’s involved in what you do. Look into auto insurance for federal government employee discounts and see what you can find. Enter your ZIP code to begin comparing quotes for car insurance for federal government employees today.

Frequently Asked Questions: Car Insurance for Federal Government Employees

Keep reading for answers to some commonly asked questions about auto insurance for federal government employees.

#1 – Do government employees pay for health insurance?

Generally, government employees do pay a portion of their health insurance and the government picks up the rest of the cost. It will depend on your specific job as to your benefits.

#2 – How do I file government employees’ car insurance company car claims?

The government employee insurance number to call for claims is 1-303-986-3000. Geico is available 24 hours a day by phone to file a claim.

#3 – What other factors influence your car insurance rates?

When it comes to finding affordable car insurance, one fact rings true: The biggest factor influencing your rates is your driving record. This is the one factor that can best predict your likelihood of an accident.

If you keep your driving record clean, you will be more likely to get a good rate with your insurance rates.

Insurers save your driving record for three years in most cases. If the last time you had a fender-bender was March 2014 and it is March 2017, then you will have a reset of your driving record by March of 2017.

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