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Leslie Kasperowicz, Farmers Insurance CSR 4 Years

Leslie Kasperowicz holds a BA in Social Sciences from the University of Winnipeg. She spent several years as a Farmers Insurance CSR, gaining a solid understanding of insurance products including home, life, auto, and commercial and working directly with insurance customers to understand their needs. She has since used that knowledge in her more than ten years as a writer, largely in the insurance niche. Leslie has been quoted in publications that include Reader’s DigestFox Business, and the Washington Post.

Zaneta Wood, Team Writer

Zaneta Wood, Ed.S. has over 15 years of experience in research and technical writing bringing a keen understanding of data analysis and information synthesis to reach a wide variety of audiences. She studied adult education and instructional technology at Appalachian State University as well as technical and professional communication at East Carolina University.

Zaneta has prepared technical publications for agencies such as Spartanburg Community Indicators Project, Metropolitan Studies Institute, and Spartanburg Area Conservancy. She has also given professional presentations for organizations such as Student Affairs Assessment Leaders, UNC College & University Systems Exchange, and Southeastern Assessment Institute.

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