Does car insurance cover a broken back window?

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Important facts to know...

  • Insurance will only cover certain scenarios where a back window has broken
  • Liability and comprehensive coverage are important to have
  • It’s a good idea to file a claim even if you don’t have the insurance company pay to replace the window

You need to replace a broken back window as soon as possible. In order to get the money to replace it, filing an insurance claim could help.

Much of whether the insurance company accepts the claim or not will depend upon whether you have sufficient coverage on your policy. The insurance company will also ask how it happened as only certain scenarios will be covered.

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Various Scenarios that Could be Covered by Insurance

All sorts of scenarios could occur that involve your back window breaking. You need to know which ones would be covered by insurance.

If you get into a car accident with another vehicle, it is possible that the back window will break. If you the accident was your fault, collision coverage will pay for the window to be replaced.

If you park your car and a riot breaks out or you are a victim of vandalism, you would be covered if you have comprehensive coverage. These sorts of things cannot be helped or predicted.

You would not be in the driver’s seat when these things happen, and therefore comprehensive coverage would take care of the repair/replacement.

Various other scenarios might occur as well where your back window breaks. However, they are less likely to be covered by insurance including:

  • A neighbor hitting something into your back window (like a baseball)
  • Something falling onto your car
  • A golf ball hitting your back window based upon where you parked

Although these scenarios won’t be covered by car insurance, they could be covered by a home insurance or even commercial insurance policy. This will all depend on the individual scenario.

Determine the Replacement Cost

When you file a claim, the insurance company will ask you to go and get the damages appraised. This might involve going directly to a body shop or taking the car to a collision center where an adjuster will meet you.

During this process, the total extent of damage will be documented. A price will then be established in terms of how much it will cost to repair the damages.

If the claim is accepted, the insurance company will pay for the repair once you pay your deductible. Depending on the insurance company, you might have the choice to go to multiple body shops or collision centers to get quotes.

It’s best to file a claim with the insurance company if you think there is a chance that the damages are covered. If the cost of repair is less than the deductible, you can always choose not to go through the insurance company for the repair.

Increase Coverage to Minimize Out-of-Pocket Expenses

You’re in control of how much coverage you have on your car insurance policy. While you have to maintain at least the state minimums, you can then choose to add:

If you want to increase the likelihood of insurance covering a broken back window, you want more coverage in place on your policy. You will find increasing coverage doesn’t have a dramatic impact on the cost of your premiums.

When you get quotes from multiple companies, try increasing the coverage limits to determine just how much your monthly payments would increase.

Remember that when you experience a broken back window, there might be other damage as well. Your insurance will only cover up to the limits you have in place. It’s highly recommended to go above what the state requires.

It’s a good idea to have a high level of coverage in place so you can file a claim with the car insurance company with confidence. A broken back window has to be fixed and insurance might accept a claim when it’s filed.

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