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Does auto insurance cover a clutch replacement?

Important facts to know...
  • A basic auto liability policy won’t cover a driver’s self-inflicted damage to a clutch
  • Collision insurance would possibly pay for accident-related clutch damage under certain circumstances
  • Drivers should engage in critical comparison shopping to find great savings on many different types of non-mandatory coverage

Vehicles with manual transmission are still quite popular among many car consumers. As long as the driver knows how to operate the stick shift and the clutch, operating a vehicle made with a manual transmission shouldn’t be a problem.

Certain manual transmission models come with less cost than automatic versions, which is another positive. As is the case with any and all types of cars, various parts do need to work properly in order for a vehicle to operate.

Once the clutch on a manual transmission vehicle falters, the car suffers noticeable effects. Depending on the problem, a minor fix won’t work and the clutch may need to be totally replaced.

The cost of doing so might be huge. Turning to an insurance policy for ways to save on repair costs makes sense, but question marks exist about whether the insurance policy covers the damage to the clutch.

In general, the type of insurance coverage purchased and the reasons how and why the clutch was damaged play a role in how the insurance company reacts to any filed claims.

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Clutches and Damage

A number of reasons exist why a clutch might wear out. Auto parts do not last forever and even moderate use can cause undesirable and severe wear and tear. As unfortunate as this is, insurance policies are not going to pay for normal wear and tear on a clutch or any part.

Those who purchased a basic insurance policy definitely won’t find insurance company assistance when it comes to procuring reimbursements on replacing a clutch.

A basic auto insurance policy, one mandated by law in 48 states, requires a driver carry auto liability insurance. This type of insurance pays for bodily injury or death to persons and also damage to property.

State minimums vary but the basic amounts on liability policies are low.

Drivers who rarely make claims – if they ever make claims – sometimes assume that auto insurance is all-inclusive. There is the belief their policy coverage would pay for wear and tear and mechanical breakdown. Such is not the case.

Added insurance would need to be purchased in order to cover some, but not all, issues related to clutch system damage.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Coverage

Certain insurance providers may sell added coverage to new cars in the form of mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI). Such insurance covers losses related to damage to a vehicle.

Negligence and wear and tear would not be covered under MBI, but there are numerous other instances in which a claim could be successfully filed. Not every vehicle is eligible for mechanical breakdown insurance nor is every driver interested in acquiring it.

Those who worry about repair issues associated with the clutch, transmission, or other systems in the vehicle may wish to look into mechanical breakdown insurance options.

That said, other areas of coverage may be accessible if harm is inflicted upon the vehicle and the clutch suffers.

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Smashing the Clutch

Driving down the road might start out without any problems, but car accidents are not always avoidable. Imagine swerving the car to avoid hitting another vehicle and going over a curb and tree stump.

Severe damage to the clutch system and more could result. Obviously, this is not a situation related to wear and tear. While a vehicle collision was avoided, the driver’s car did collide with the curb and a tree stump. Damage ensued.

Filing a claim through collision insurance would be the step to take in such a situation. Collision insurance covers the damages to the driver’s vehicle due to the driver’s fault. How the claim works out depends on various factors.

The claim could be settled or it could be denied. No claim is going to be paid out, however, if collision insurance is not in place.

Another Driver’s Fault

The aforementioned example of a car going over a curb and hitting a tree stump could occur due to the fault of another driver. Being rear-ended by an intoxicated or distracted driver means the damage to the vehicle and the clutch is his/her fault.

Filing a claim against the driver’s liability policy would be the approach to follow.

If the driver does not have insurance, this situation becomes complicated unless the injured party has uninsured motorist insurance coverage. Like collision, many drivers do not have this coverage.

Without uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in place, filing suit to pay for the clutch damage becomes a costly and, possibly, fruitless endeavor.

With uninsured/underinsured motorist protection in place, filing a claim with your own auto insurance policy is the step to take.

Consider this type of coverage a form of self-protection against the potentially illegal acts of those who choose to drive without insurance or with too little insurance.

Comprehensive May Assist

Comprehensive insurance is neither mandatory nor related to accident damage. Comprehensive entails damage to a car not being driven that suffers losses from the following:

  • weather incidents
  • theft
  • deliberately inflicted damage
  • other odd events.

Damage to a clutch due to an incident covered under comprehensive insurance may be paid for by the insurance company. Do not, however, assume comprehensive or any coverage option means automatic payment.

The claim does need to be investigated prior to any approvals or settlements.

Locate the Best Insurance

Comparison shopping helps with acquiring the following coverages at an affordable rate:

  • collision
  • mechanical breakdown
  • auto liability
  • comprehensive insurance

Effective comparison shopping also helps with locating insurance companies with solid customer service and a greater propensity to serve clients well. Good customer service may help calm the nerves of customers whose vehicles suffer clutch damage.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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