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Liberty Mutual is an insurance company that spans the spectrum of insurance needs. They have offices in just about every state while underwriting policies for every state. Like many Fortune 500 companies, Liberty Mutual is a global company. Its car insurance division is one of the top carriers in the nation, and when you are on top, expectations are high.

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Liberty Mutual makes the extra effort to make themselves stand out from sea of other insurance carriers. Some of the options this provider offers are reviewed below.

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Review: Options

They offer comprehensive insurance packages such as:

  • Liberty Guard Auto Insurance Protection
  • Personal Liability Protection Plan

The Liberty Guard option covers liability, personal injury and collision (which in some cases are optional). This choice also protects against uninsured drivers. The Personal Liability plan is similar with a couple of different options. Each state requires a minimum amount of liability, personal injury, while collision ne comprehensive are usually mandatory on vehicles with liens.

This company carries a Freedom Pay Plan that prevents late and missed payments. Members can have their payment automatically drafted so they do not have to worry. They also have Roadside Assistance for 24 hour towing.

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance: What People are Saying

It is hard to get them on the phone. This is the recurring complaint people are making online. Most of the reviews relate to homeowners, but those that relate to car insurance are overall fairly good. When it comes to the convenience of setting up the policy and making regular payments, the reviews were very good. It is when people have to file a claim that things start to become complicated. And you do want good claims service.

Liberty Mutual’s subscribers seem to be pleased with the 24 hour roadside service, and rental car policies and procedures. It is when they had to have their personal car repaired that they run into some adversity in replacement cost. To avoid some of the long telephone waiting time many people report their claims online.

Are Liberty Mutual car insurance rates affordable?

Most people consider Liberty Mutual car insurance rates to be rather affordable. There are some cases where people are still carrying car liens and are therefore required to carry full coverage. This can become expensive depending on the amount of the car note. The other factors that impact the rate are:

  1. Zip Code
  2. Car Make and Model
  3. Safety Features
  4. Credit
  5. Age

Your location along with some personal information is really the only piece of information that is needed to get a basic Liberty Mutual car insurance quote. Once the location is determined an agent can take over from there in obtaining the other necessary information.

There are several ways to save on your Liberty Mutual car insurance premiums. This company offers several classes to help their subscribers improve their driving skills. These classes are offered to individuals for personal improvement and commercial drivers alike.

How to Choose the Best Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Policy

The key to getting the most for your money and finding a cheap Liberty Mutual car insurance policy while still maintaining the coverage you need is to customize your policy to suit your needs. Everyone does not need the same riders and inclusions. Some exclusions may need to be added under special circumstances if possible. Commercial businesses would be an example.

Transportation businesses need special policies to cover fleets of:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Trains
  • Planes
  • Motorcycles

Anything that is a motorized vehicle needs some type of coverage. Those that need special policies need only contact an agent for Liberty Mutual online or by phone.

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Claims

Online reviews are numerous about the Liberty Mutual auto insurance claims experience. This is the area where things get sticky. There are some who have reported that Liberty Mutual was a “Godsend”, while others say they had a hard time navigating their way through the system.

Claims may be filed online using a simple filing process. An agent will be assigned to you and will make contact. A claims adjuster may be asked to visit the site where the car or vehicle is located. Estimates are made, pictures are taken and included with the report.

The Liberty Mutual underwriter is the decision maker, but if the customer is not satisfied with the outcome they do have the right to have the decision reconsidered.

Where to Find a Liberty Mutual Location Near You

The online process is the most technologically advanced and simplest way to navigate the system at Liberty Mutual. An agent in your local area will guide you without getting too personal until you decide Liberty Mutual is the carrier for you.

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