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Wedding Auto Insurance Online

Some couples decide to book a chauffeured limousine to drive them around town on their wedding day, but others prefer the convenience and luxury associated with driving in a rental car. You can easily choose between a sports car, a classic car, or a luxury car when renting a vehicle for your wedding day. However, […]

How to Get Discounts on My Car Insurance

Saving money on car insurance involves following a few simple strategies. The most obvious thing to do entails avoiding accidents. By not being liable for any damages to a personal vehicle or someone else’s or causing harm to person or property, an insurance history remains clean. Buying the right insurance policy reflects a second very […]

Is it bad to switch auto insurance companies?

Customers need to be pleased with the auto insurance coverage they have paid for. A customer should also feel confident the insurance company will not try to avoid paying out on claims. A first-time auto insurance customer might find his/her experiences with a carrier to be lacking. This problem is easy to address. Since little […]

Car Insurance for Older Drivers

The insurance industry is one in which there is a product that meets the needs of every single consumer; it is just a matter of connecting the insurance carrier with said individual. As a consumer, how can you be sure that you are getting an ideal car insurance policy? There are so many factors that […]

Can you sue a car insurance company?

There are certain conditions where you can sue your car insurance company. Generally, those conditions revolve around your car insurance company denying your claim or offering you an unfairly low settlement in bad faith. If you believe that your car insurance company is operating under bad faith practices, you can use a comparison tool to […]

Can I cancel an auto insurance claim?

Car insurance companies are in business to make money. You’re not going to see any non-profit insurers advertising their services because the entire purpose of starting and running an insurance company is to profit off of the premiums that are collected. Every time that a client files a claim, that claim costs the insurer money. […]

Can you cancel your car insurance online?

Canceling your insurance shouldn’t be a time-consuming task. While it is a contract, it’s one that can be canceled at your request. If you’re on the verge of switching your carrier or you no longer own a car, it’s important that you know the steps that need to be taken to end the contract. Most […]

Can you pay car insurance with a credit card?

So much of your car insurance policy and the options that you have are dictated by the car insurance carrier that you choose. It is, therefore, important as a consumer to always do your homework, look at the details, and compare what one insurer is offering to the others. Doing those things is how you […]

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save