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Tag Archives: risk factors

Do auto insurance companies do background checks?

Auto insurance companies put their own money on the line when they offer to insure you, which is why your background is up for grabs as far as they are concerned. You know some car insurance companies check your credit report to determine your risk as a customer. You also know they check your driving […]

Do car insurance companies check police records?

Insurance agents run a few different reports when they are taking applications for auto insurance. At a minimum, the company will need to review your motor vehicle report, your claims history report, and your license history before any underwriter can adequately assess risk and issue a policy at a fair rate. Another record that could […]

Is it normal for car insurance to go up every year?

Your car insurance is designed to help you recover from losses while also generating profit for your insurance provider. Your provider often assesses the amount of risk you introduce, writing coverage and pricing it appropriately based on years of research and policy writing. If the risks you introduce change over time, your insurance provider may […]

How often do auto insurance companies check driving records?

Your driving record speaks volumes about how responsible you are behind the wheel. When you request an abstract to provide information to an insurance company for pricing estimates, what shows up is a lot like what would show up on a high school transcript. If your report is clear, it’s just like getting straight A’s […]

Are car insurance rates negotiable?

When you’re buying a car, your intentions are never to walk on the car lot and offer the salesman full price for the first car that you test drive. As the savvy car buyer that you are, you’re aware that the sticker price on the window of the car is inflated. Cars are priced so […]

Auto Insurance Is a Waste of Money

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Insurance is just a waste of money?” Everyone feels that way perhaps at some point, especially that once a month or time when their insurance premiums come due. But the truth is that it is much more expensive to go without insurance than to purchase it. Every state requires […]

Car Insurance When You Have Penalty Points

In all fifty states, driving is considered a privilege rather than a right. States may use penalty points to track drivers they consider unsafe, and getting too many points on a license can lead to serious problems. As you learn more about the relationship between points and your insurance, you’ll see how getting points can […]

Car Insurance for Any Driver Over 21

If you have been on your parents’ car insurance and have purchased your vehicle or need your insurance for any reason, it’s a good idea to do some checking around before you buy. While there is no specific insurance for drivers over 21, there are some important things to keep in mind as you are […]

Good Driver Auto Insurance

If you asked almost anyone that you know if they are a good driver, they’re probably going to say yes. That’s true for drivers with clean records and drivers with spotty ones. When it comes to assessing driving skill, most people believe they are better drivers than other people that they share the road with. […]

Car Insurance for Bikers

Most motorcycle drivers are typically dangerous drivers and recognized as high-risk drivers by car insurance providers. These sorts of drivers sometimes pay three times more the cost of a standard car bike insurance coverage. Insurance companies offer different rates for high–risk drivers, so it’s wise to shop around and compare auto insurance for bikers to […]

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save