Does auto insurance cover tire theft?

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Important facts to know...

  • Your auto insurance may help you recover if your tires are stolen, but this is not a covered loss under every policy
  • The coverage options you purchase through your insurance provider as well as your policy language and conditions
  • If you only carry stat-required minimum levels of coverage, your stolen tires are often not covered
  • Comprehensive coverage applies to losses caused by theft and vandalism, both of which may describe stolen tires
  • Additionally, some homeowners and renters insurance policies may provide coverage if your auto insurance does not

Your insurance policy is designed to help you recover from losses due to different perils, but every auto policy is different. The different coverage options you’ve chosen can determine if your loss if covered.

Your comprehensive coverage, if you’ve purchased it, may provide coverage for stolen tires.

If you have questions about how your coverage applies, speak to your insurance provider about how your coverage works.

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Tire Theft and Other Vehicle Losses

Protecting your vehicle from unexpected losses is essential since large, crippling losses can occur at any time. Auto insurance is designed to help you recover from losses above and beyond normal maintenance or wear-and-tear.

When your tires are stolen, your policy may cover this loss if you’ve purchased comprehensive coverage or a policy rider for tires and rims.

Auto insurance policies often contain a mix of different terms and conditions, such as:

The required levels of coverage in every state often are inadequate for covering stolen tires.You may need to purchase an optional coverage, such as comprehensive coverage, or a policy rider to ensure you’ll have coverage.

Auto Insurance For Covered Perils

Your auto insurance may cover perils specifically by name, or it may cover losses that are not specifically excluded. Perils are what causes your loss, which would be the tire theft in this instance.

You can choose to purchase additional coverage or change your coverage at any time since many insurance providers do not require long-term contracts. You should consider shopping for coverage if:

  • You’re unhappy with your current provider
  • You want to compare pricing and coverage options
  • Your premium costs have increased
  • Your policy is going to be non-renewed

You can shop for coverage at any time, but it’s important to have coverage in place at all times; most states require insurance coverage at all times.

If you’ve purchased comprehensive coverage or a policy rider for vehicle parts, then your policy terms and conditions may include language indicating what types of losses are specifically excluded.

Losses or perils that are excluded mean that your policy does not provide coverage, so your provider is not obligated to help you recover from them.

Things to Remember about Theft Losses

When any part of your vehicle is stolen, you may need to get repairs completed as soon as possible so you can return to normal life. It’s important to remember a few things about your coverage and the losses you may encounter.

Comprehensive coverage or a policy rider may come with an insurance deductible, which is the amount of any covered loss you are responsible for covering.

For example, this means that you may file a claim for $1000, but after your $500 deductible, you will only receive $500 as part of your settlement.

Additionally, your policy needs to have tire theft listed as a covered loss or not specifically excluded. If your policy does not list this loss anywhere, it can open up debates regarding coverage if a loss occurs.

Policy language debates often favor the insurance provider, meaning you may not have recourse to pursue the claim.

When you’re shopping for coverage, it’s important to compare quotes from multiple providers to see what pricing and benefits they offer.

Every provider may offer differing levels of coverage at different price points, so getting multiple quotes offers you the chance to compare options.

Recovering from Tire Theft

Losses caused by tire theft are often unexpected and usually require immediate handling to return to normal activities. If you experience one of these losses, you should contact your insurance provider to notify them of the loss.

If you carry comprehensive coverage, then your insurance provider may help you recover from your stolen tires. You may have to pay a deductible to get your loss covered, so it’s important to verify your loss is above the deductible amount.

Mitigating your loss may be another step to take, since having your tires stolen can cause damage to other parts of your car. Make sure to ask your provider about mitigating steps you can take as they may want you to document the scene through photographs or video first.

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