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How to Determine How Much Car Insurance You Need

Being uninsured could put you at risk financially. As much as you’d like to keep your premiums low, sacrificing the coverage that you’re carrying isn’t the wisest way to save money. Since auto insurance is such an important financial products, it’s crucial that you select the right coverage options and the right coverage limits of […]

Does my car insurance cover accidental damage?

Accidents happen. No one is perfect. Learn from your mistakes. These are all sayings that you’ll hear throughout your life from your parents, your teachers, and your coaches. Unfortunately, breaking your favorite toy in childhood is not nearly the same thing as wrecking your favorite car as an adult. If you damage your car in […]

What is “new car replacement” insurance?

If you’re buying a new vehicle, you could have some unexpected gaps in your standard auto insurance policy. All auto insurance policies will pay up to the limits carried on the contract for third-party liability losses and other medical expense claims. Where it gets a little confusing is when you’re filing a damage claim after […]

Car Insurance for a Second Vehicle

Many Americans have a second vehicle, whether it is for other members of their household to use, for work purposes, or for recreation. Although it is important to insure your second vehicle, there is no reason it should break the bank. You can use an online price comparison tool to find the best rates for […]

Car Insurance for a Roadtrip

Taking a road trip is a fun and exciting way to spend your time. Whether you are out to see new sights, seek adventure, or just want to spend time with those you love, you can’t go wrong with a road trip. However, before starting off on such a trip, it is important to make […]

If my car is paid off, what kind insurance do I need?

Making your last car payment to the finance company is a great feeling. You fully own your car, and you get to lower your monthly expenses by the cost of your former car payment. You may even want to lower the amount of car insurance you have on your car. If you do want to […]

Car Insurance for Elderly Drivers

Are you an elderly driver looking for car insurance? If so, you’re in luck. There are many good policies for older drivers. You will also be happy to know that, despite some of the off-color humor directed at older drivers or the number of younger people pointing their fingers at elderly drivers and saying they […]

Car Insurance for Delivery Drivers

Are you a delivery driver or do you know a delivery driver that is in need of auto insurance? Delivery drivers have special needs when it comes to insurance. They drive their car much more than the average person to a variety of locations, creating a higher risk for them. Delivery drivers often use their […]

Can you have car insurance in two different states?

When life takes you to several different states within the course of a year, being sure that you have the right car insurance to protect you in the event of a theft or accident can be confusing. However, the rules are actually pretty simple when it comes to these situations, and we will walk you […]

Can auto insurance be backdated?

When you finally become a vehicle owner you need to be sure that you’re ready to buy auto insurance. Securing coverage is one of the things that you can’t put off or you’ll be at risk of losing your vehicle and other assets in just the blink of an eye. Not only is it risky […]

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save