Can you claim on your car insurance for a dent?

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Important facts to know...

  • Every auto insurance policy that is issued to drivers has different options in terms of the coverages you can select
  • If you only have the bare minimum for what is legally required in terms of auto insurance, you probably do not have any coverage for damage to your car that was your fault
  • If you have extra coverages on your policy, you can file a claim for damage to your car regardless of who was responsible for causing it
  • If you are responsible for the damage to your car, then you will pay a deductible when you file a claim for your car to be repaired
  • You should get at least one estimate for the cost of repairing a dent in your car before going forward with filing a claim for that incident

Auto insurance will provide coverage for a dent in your car as long as you have the right types of coverage on your policy.

If another driver hit you in an accident and left a dent in your vehicle, then you would be able to recover directly against his or her auto insurance in a tort-based state. Otherwise, if the dent in your car is your fault, then you should be prepared to pay your deductible before getting your car repaired.

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Repairing a Dent from Another Driver

Most states in the country are tort-based jurisdictions for insurance, which means that if another driver causes damage to your car, you recover by filing a claim against his or her insurance policy.

In this case, you would not have to pay a deductible to have the damage to your car fixed by the other driver’s insurance company.

You should not worry about filing a claim if the accident and damage were not your fault. They will not affect your auto insurance premiums for your next policy term. You will also not have to pay anything out of your own pocket in order to get the other driver’s auto insurance company to take care of the damage.

Handling a Claim for a Dent that is Your Fault

If you dented your car by either hitting another car or object, you may be able to recover from your own insurance company for the damage. The way that you would recover is by filing a claim through your collision or comprehensive coverage.

Your collision coverage will be used if you hit another car. However, if you have a dent in your car from a falling object or something else not related to an auto accident, then your comprehensive coverage will be used.

With either of these coverages, you will have to pay your deductible in order to recover for repair costs, which is why your first move should be to get a reasonable estimate on repair costs for the dent.

If the cost of repairing the dent is going to be less than your deductible, then it would not be worth your while to file a claim. If the cost is only slightly more than your deductible, then you still might not want to file a claim because it could mean that you end up paying higher rates for next policy term.

Filing a Claim on Your Car Insurance for a Dent

With certain auto insurance coverages, it is possible to file a claim for a dent on your car without having to establish who was at fault for causing the damage. The coverages that you would need to be able to file a claim for a dent in your car are collision or comprehensive coverage.

The way that the claims process works is that you will have to pay a deductible for a certain amount of the repair before the car insurance company pays for the rest.

It is always a good idea to get an estimate on the cost of repairing the damage before going ahead with filing a claim.

You would not necessarily want to pursue a claim for damage that will cost less than or up to the amount of your auto insurance deductible.

The Cost of Repairing a Dent in Your Car

You might realize from going through the process of filing a claim that your deductible is too high for you to benefit from having optional coverages. Instead of simply raising your deductible so that you can pay a lower monthly rate on car insurance coverage, there are other ways to get a discount on your rate.

Talk to your insurance agent to find out if there are existing discounts that you might not be taking advantage of right now. If you can’t get discounts from your agent, it could be worthwhile to check into what other rates could be available for you from other companies.

You might find that you can pay hundreds less per year for auto insurance coverage just by going with another auto insurance provider.

To get different car insurance quotes in your area, you can start by going online to compare rates. The information is totally free and can end up saving you a substantial amount of money in auto insurance premiums. You may find that you do not have to sacrifice coverage to get a more reasonable rate.

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