Are dead batteries covered by insurance?

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Important facts to know...

  • Roadside assistance commonly covers jumpstarting a dead battery
  • Under limited circumstances, a ruined battery might be covered under mechanical breakdown insurance
  • Drivers should check with an insurance provider to determine the circumstances in which a battery would be covered

Mechanical problems seem to occur all the time. A dead battery, in particular, can be a very common problem drivers face.

In addition to complaints about the inconvenience, complaints are going to arise over the costs associated with a dead battery. Would the driver really need to pay anything out-of-pocket, or will an auto insurance policy cover the costs associated with a dead battery?

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Roadside Assistance and Jump Starts

Roadside emergency assistance is usually a standard service that comes with insurance policies. Roadside assistance helps policyholders with  the following situations:

Upon discovering a battery is dead due to some sort of power drain such as leaving the lights on overnight, a phone call to the insurance provider may lead to a solution. The quick dispatching of a tow truck service for a jumpstart could get the vehicle moving once again.

Jumpstarting the car, however, won’t work if the battery is ruined. Batteries do not last forever and will expire due to age. Replacing an expired battery is not something likely to be covered under roadside assistance.

When a test reveals the battery is completely dead, roadside assistance should cover a tow to a local garage to get a new battery.

There may be other added benefits based on the particulars of a policy. Is the at-home delivery and installation of a new battery possible? The insured may have to pay for all the costs involved, but receiving a “house call” is definitely more convenient than dealing with a tow.

Do not automatically assume what roadside assistance will or will not cover. Always check with the insurance provider to determine the full scope of what the provider pays for.

Take that as an endorsement for serious auto insurance comparison shopping. Certain policies could end up being extremely generous with their roadside assistance support. Why not seek out the best deal on this service?

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Another category of insurance cover may cover costs with a ruined battery.

A battery is expected to last a certain number of years. If the battery in a brand-new car dies after six months due to no fault of the owner, the manufacturer’s warranty probably would cover replacement costs.

Mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) is an option available to new car purchasers who wish gain the added benefit of further coverage on repair work done on the vehicle.

Mechanical breakdown insurance covers repairs to a vehicle. The term, “repairs,” can have a broad definition and would possibly include a faulty battery. This type of insurance can be used to extend a warranty or exist side-by-side with a warranty.

Accident-Related Damage

In an accident, the proper and appropriate coverage exists to protect against losses. A driver who makes a fast turn the wrong way up a one-way street could cause a head-on collision. Hopefully, no one will be hurt and the inflicted damage only impacts the engine.

If the battery is somehow damaged, a claim against the at-fault driver’s policy should be filed. His/her auto liability coverage is intended to protect against losses.

If the at-fault driver does not have insurance, then things become very difficult unless the injured party is carrying uninsured motorist protection.

In a no-fault state, carrying property damage coverage may provide a solution depending on how the insurance company rules on the claim.

Those who caused the accident would need collision insurance in place to file a claim for their own vehicle.

Damage to the battery due to unpredictable events such as a collapsing garage, the vehicle being struck by lightning, or someone outright stealing the battery would be covered under comprehensive insurance.

Drivers who want the maximum amount of insurance possible really should out the time and effort into necessary comparison shopping. Otherwise, the resultant policy might end up being lacking in numerous ways.

Battery Replacement Woes

Filing a claim with an insurance provider is the first step in, hopefully, reaching a settlement. The windows in which an insurance provider will pay for a battery replacement are admittedly narrow.

Those wondering about whether or not battery costs really should check in advance of any problems. Call an insurance provider today and ask for a clear explanation of the policy’s terms regarding battery replacements and circumstances.

Those not thrilled with the answer could always start the process of fielding quotes from other insurance providers for a better deal and more expansive coverage.

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