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Many companies offer cheap military auto insurance due to a number of factors unique to members of the armed forces. These factors include military discounts, the ability to suspend service when you’re deployed, and other special circumstances that often result in cheaper rates than civilians pay for insuring their vehicles. These factors come into play regardless of the branch of service you’re in, whether it be the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.

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Military Discounts

A number of insurance carriers offer discounts to active and retired members of the military. Discounts may also apply to members of the Reserves or National Guard. The discounts may be as high as 15% in some cases, as long as you can prove you are eligible.

Carriers can also feature special rates for military personnel who are employed during emergencies, with discounts that may go as high as 25% off your overall premium.

The military discount can be an automatic way to save money on a car insurance policy, and you can often extend that discount even further if you supplement it with other factors. A clean driving record typically earns you cheaper insurance than those who have record riddled with moving violations and other infractions.

Other Discounts

You may be able to save money by having or installing a number of safety features and anti-theft devices into your vehicle. Safety features can include air bags, anti-lock brakes, and automatic seat belts, Military.com points out. Anti-theft devices include items like wheel and hood locks, devices that protect your ignition and an alarm system.

Your auto insurance rates can drop dramatically based on the type of vehicle you drive and how frequently you drive it. Inexpensive vehicles typically cost less to insure than fancy, expensive ones. Low annual mileage usually gets you a better rate than high mileage.

Other discounts may be on the agenda. Insurance companies often offer discounts for insuring more than one vehicle or using the company for multiple policies covering a variety of insurance needs. This can include car insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, and even life insurance.

The overall cost depends greatly on the type and amount of coverage you obtain. You can review the minimum requirements for the state in which you live to ensure you are getting the basics. Then you can add additional coverage based on what you think you may need.

Deployment Savings

Another way to save money on military auto insurance is to find a carrier that allows you to suspend coverage if you are deployed. This can save you a bundle of cash if your vehicle is going to remain idle while you’re overseas. If someone else may be driving it, however, you’ll want to keep coverage to cover its use.

You do not necessarily need to drop your auto insurance altogether, because cancelling a policy may mean you have to go through the entire application process when you once again need coverage. You may also be able to select which aspects of coverage you want to suspend and which you’d rather keep in place while you’re away. For instance, you may want to retain comprehensive coverage in case your car is damaged by someone or something even while it’s not being driven, the Oregon Insurance Division notes.

Other Military Concerns

Letting your car insurance company know you are in the military is very important for several reasons. A potential discount is not the only way auto insurance companies may be able to help you.

They may be able to help ensure your coverage is not unwittingly canceled in case you are suddenly called for duty. If your insurance coverage lapses while you’re deployed, you may return home to find a company will not renew your policy, or only willing to do so at increased rates.

Non-payments or expired policies can also cause your credit report to take a negative hit. This can affect not only your auto insurance, but also lead to problems with applications for loans, credit cards and other financial matters.

Even if you are not deployed overseas, your military career may necessitate frequently moving to different states. Because each state has its own set of auto insurance rules and regulations, not informing your insurance company could again lead to problems.

Inquire about an insurance company’s policies and practices regarding members of the military before you even sign on the dotted line.

This can help in your auto insurance decision as well as ensuring you have adequate coverage and a company that accommodates the specific needs of military members.

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